All Roads Once Led to Rome… But Do All Roads Lead to Autism??

What do autism and cancer have in common? There are many false results in genetic studies of cancer research and these are similar to those ones reported for autism.

All Roads Once Led to Rome… But Do All Roads Lead to Autism??.

6 responses to “All Roads Once Led to Rome… But Do All Roads Lead to Autism??

  1. Have you read the works of Professor Robert Podolsky? Here he is in a short video on the subject of the myth of genetic determinism.


  2. 1- ¿Why is the frecuency of autism in fragiile X not addressed?
    2- I think it was Gillberg that besides idiopathic and syndromic autism, coined the term of stigmatic autism, for those cases where the was evidence of disorders afecting brain development o causing brain damage during pregnancy or in the perinatal period, such as rubeola in the mother and grand prematurity ¿what has happened to stigmatic autism?


  3. Coleman and Gillbert have referred to the presence of minor physical anomalies in autism as stigmata. The most common being low set ears that are slightly rotated. Coleman expanded on this in her Neurology of Autism. They also have a small section on one of their chapters devoted to stigmata studies (The Autisms by Coleman and Gillberg). I love their books and highly recommend them.
    Emily talks about Fragile X in her more recent blog (syndromic autism part 2). Thank you for the comment and following the blog. I will be posting about germinal cells very soon and it may be to your interest.


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