Remove Steve Silberman as the Closing Keynote Speaker from the 47th National Conference

Please go to the following url and sign your petition:

I have given as my personal reason: Mr. Silberman is insensitive to the necessities or even existence of lower functioning and severely affected autistic individuals. He minimizes their plight and has re-written the history of autism in order to fulfill the biased agenda of neurodiversity.

The petition reads:

Steve Silberman is an autism writer that trivializes the disabilities that autistics face.  When he was criticized for not including descriptions of low functioning autistics that wear diapers and bang their heads in his book Neurotribes, he said in an interview «Disability is Part of the Human Experience».

The book Neurotribes claims that famous figures in history were autistic, but does not give much evidence to support those claims.  Additionally, the book only offers vague and questionable solutions for employment among Autistics.  He claims that the largest rise of the rate of Autism in California was in Silicon Valley, but this is actually no larger compared to most of California.

He will be speaking at the annual Autism Society of America conference on Saturday, July 16, 2016.  He must be stopped, as the Autism Society of America must openly recognize the extent of the negative effects of Autism.


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  1. My comment to the petition (where there’s also an option to donate to promote it):
    Silberman’s so-called «best-selling» «award-winning» book is deceiving corporate propaganda complicit in the pretending away of the huge catastrophe of the autism increase caused by dental mercury. The only reason his book has attracted such attention is that it has been heavily promoted by Pharma dollars. For Big Pharma a million bucks is just another peanut, but for book promotion it raises any old rubbish to «best-seller» rank.
    The founder of ASA, Bernard Rimland, would be appalled to see this first-rank pseudo-scientist being honoured there. There are plenty more suitable people.
    For more info on the autism increase cover-up search for [ lost generation robin clarke ]

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  2. The good news about Silberman’s master-piss is that it is very poorly written and edited (as testified by amazon comments about needing to be edited down to 1/3 length), and while the fanatics of the autism pride movement have got it off to a «best-selling» start (aided by abundant promotional cash from pharma corps), in due course its lack of real merits will mean it rapidly falls into neglect from all other sectors of society.

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