End of the year summary: 2016

I usually write a blog summarizing our efforts on WordPress at the end of each year. This was initially prompted several years ago by a message from WordPress where they tabulated all of my activities. The information they provided was interesting and I thought well worth publishing. This year they have not sent any messages but I felt compelled to do a summary on my own.

Last year (2016) corticalchauvinism.com had 96,216 views from 68,324 visitors for 92 blogs that I wrote. The site acquired 75 more likes and had 373 comments. One third of all views came from the United States. However, we had a strong following from Spanish speaking countries (e.g., Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Venezuela). Half of the views were from search engines.  In addition, we had over 11,000 views referred through Facebook and over 1,000 coming from Reddit.  Many of the Reddit views were due to Yuval Levental, a frequent contributor, as he publicized some of the blogs on that web site. We also served as a good source of referrals primarily to Leftbrainrightbrian and to John Robison Blogspot.

The most searched blogs were from previous years. The top blog was one written in Spanish regarding the definition of autism. This made me more aware of the need for more information in Spanish speaking countries. The second most popular blog was on Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and autism”.  It seems that I was the first person to readily publicized this connection. Over the years I have received a large number of emails asking me for more information on the subject.

The top 5 blogs for last year:

La definicion del autismo    http://bit.ly/2iQf2XA

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and autism    http://bit.ly/2j5sSop

Dyslexia and autism: Cognitive profiles at the opposites end of a spectrum    http://bit.ly/2hTvlEF

Caracteristicas neuroanatomicas y neuropatologicas del autism    http://bit.ly/2iJ1qAA

A little known fact: very late onset autism….http://bit.ly/2iJ6eWv

The most popular day for viewing blogs is on Tuesdays (29% of all views) at 10 AM EST.  Considering that I publish my blogs on Mondays, this sounds to me somewhat illogical and I lack  an explanation. Over the years Cortical chauvinism has published 428 blogs and has acquired 312,111 views. I am happy to say that Cortical Chauvinism has grown each year and is now fairly successful averaging 250 to 300 views per day. Thank you.

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