Infograph on autism and dyslexia

The following is an infograph summarizing some of our research as related to autism and dyslexia.  The same was provided to me by a graduate student and mother of a dyslexic child, Jennifer Plosz.She is currently a Master’s candidate graduate student at the University of Calgary where she is looking at the role that visualization and images might play in the growth of mathematical knowledge.I have already provided an introduction to Jennifer in a a previous blog appears that her original illustration was well received and has appeared in the newsletter for Dyslexia Advantage. She has now expanded her original drawing in order to create an infograph. I am providing the same below. I think Jennifer has made relatively complex anatomical descriptions easy to visualize and understand.

Note: To view larger version using a Mac right click while pressing control and then go to view image. On a PC right click and follow similar instructions.

PowerPoint Presentation

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