Experts: ‘Trumpcare’ places autism, disability coverage in jeopardy

The following provides the first few paragraphs of an article written by Gillian Mohney and Priya Raja for ABC News. The whole text of the article and video can be freely obtained from:

“Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins University say that proposed changes to the health care system under President Trump could have a profound effect on people with disabilities, according to an editorial published yesterday in The New England Journal of Medicine.”

“Of particular concern is how a proposed restructuring of Medicaid could affect Americans with autism and the people who care for them.”

“Medicaid is the largest health care payer for patients being treated for autism and other developmental disorders and could face an overhaul under proposals currently being debated in Congress. In 2013, Medicaid served approximately 250,000 children with autism, according to the editorial, titled “Care for Autism and Other Disabilities — A Future in Jeopardy.” Since 2014 states have been able to opt into expanded Medicaid coverage, which has allowed people with incomes below 138 percent of the poverty line to enroll in the program.”

“Under the American Health Care Act, also dubbed “Trumpcare,” there would be major changes to Medicaid starting in 2020 that will move it away from an entitlement program that can receive open-ended federal funds to a block-grant fund where states would get a per-person amount of money.”

Please read the whole article at:

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