INSAR Summer Institute 2017

The International Society for Autism Research is hosting a free series of six online seminars, focusing on issues related to culture and diversity in autism research.

The seminars will run Thursdays from July 13th to August 24th (excluding July 20th), covering topics such as autism in low-resource settings, adaptation of assessments or intervention for diverse communities, and biomarker findings across the autism spectrum in diverse samples.

The presentations are designed for students, post-doctoral fellows, other early-career investigators, stakeholders, and families interested in autism research. Clinicians and established researchers would like a snapshot of the current state of science in topics outside their area of expertise may also find these sessions of value.

Please note: You do not have to be a member of INSAR to attend, but you do need to have a profile in which your registration is processed. If you do not have a profile in our system, please see these INSTRUCTIONS to Create A Profile, then Register for Summer Institute.

Session Listing – Register for one or all of these fascinating seminars!

Session 6: Translation of Research and Services Across Cultures – Autism Research in India 
Presenter: Nidhi Singhal
Date: 24 August 2017
Time: 12:00 pm EDT
Course Materials Now Available

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