Summary 2017

This blog provides a summary of the activities of Cortical Chauvinism during this past year.  We finished 2017 with 1,857 followers (including 394 bloggers from WordPress) and a website traffic that totaled 437,996 views since inception.   We had 126,665 views for 2017 alone, which made for an average of 347 views per day.  Our highest total number of views came in October. Most views were referred from search engines (49%), primarily Google, with Facebook a distant second (9%).  The number of blogs written has been fairly constant, with some 100 published per year  for the first 4 years and 10 months of our existence (530 in total).  The most often searched terms for last year were: fever, late onset autism, adult onset autism. Considering all search terms since we started the blog, the most common search terms were a combination of autism and other words such as brainstem,  amygdala, clumsy, and connective tissue.

Top posts for the year of 2017 were:

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and autism 7,307
Autism Speaks’ Rapid Decline 6,172
A Little Known Fact: Very Late Onset Autism 4,131
Características neuroanatómicas y neuropatológicas del autismo 3,303
Blog en Español: Stephen Mark Shore 3,095
The Decline and Fall of “Autism” 2,159
Response to NIMH Director Dr. Joshua Gordon’s: “Autism Awareness Message” 2,056
La dieta cetogénica: consideraciones metabólicas 1,886
Iron and autism 1,870


This compares with the top posts since inception:

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and autism 25,434
The Hidden Difficulties of Autistic Children in School 14,045
Características neuroanatómicas y neuropatológicas del autismo 10,834
Key Players in Autism: IV. The Brainstem 8,899
A Little Known Fact: Very Late Onset Autism 7,984
A Perspective on Psychological Theories of Autism 6,273
Autism Speaks’ Rapid Decline 6,172
Dyslexia and autism: Cognitive profiles at the tail-ends of the same spectrum 5,885
La rara enfermedad de Urbach-Wiethe y el autismo 5,333
Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism 4,992
El sindrome de savant adquirido 4,647
La terapia craneosacral o cómo sacar provecho de padres desesperados? 4,204
The Neurodiversity Movement: Lack of Trust 4,180
Iron and autism 4,000
Self-Injurious behaviors and autism 3,991
La dieta cetogénica: consideraciones metabólicas 3,818
La Epidemiologia del Autismo 3,780
Fear, emotion and socialization: the role of the amygdala in the symptoms of autism 3,641
The Dark Side of Psychoanalysis: 1. John Nathaniel Rosen and the Refrigerator Mothers 3,447


We had 47,833 views from the United States this year as compared with 14,154 views from Spain (the second country with most views).  Overall, we had a marked diminution in views from Hispanic countries, most probably due to the fact that I have not translated many of our blogs into Spanish.

I appreciate your support and all of the positive feedback that you have provided.  Ideas as to how to improve the blog are always welcome.

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