Big Brains, Emergent Properties and Psychiatry

The following article describes the way the human brain has developed throughout evolution and how it has given rise to emergent adaptive forces but also to mental conditions. I have written a good number of articles and book chapters regarding evolution and have tried to explain many brain processes in terms of Systems Theory. Hopefully this way of thinking may be of interest to the readers.  For those interested in other publications on the subject or anything else from me, you can click on the ResearhGate logo on my main page and it will take you to the appropriate source.

You can click on the link and it will open on a new tab. Because of the size of the images, it may take some time to download the whole paper or some of the individual pages.


3 responses to “Big Brains, Emergent Properties and Psychiatry

  1. Im an old disabled researcher and my digital dummy lost the reply I spent valuable time on.
    Your example text: “In effect, variability during
    encephalization is borne from recruitment of newly formed
    regions into circuits following spatially and temporally regulated
    patterns.” Your text is quite interesting and would be definitive had relative spatiotemporal events been added.
    I agree with most of the text which I haven’t had enough time to digest it.
    Best of luck, Joe


    • Ioan Opris has given the idea a spatiotemporal context from his electrophysiological experiments. The results, in part, has been expanded upon in a book that we recently published: The Physics of the Mind and Brain Disorder. Thanks for the comment!


  2. My DD lost my reply again when I searched it for Ioan Opris. Again I survive on SSDI and cant afford more publications.


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