British Dyslexia Association’s International Conference

I received the honor of being invited as a plenary speaker for the upcoming British Dyslexia Association’s International Conference to be held at Telford, UK from April 12th-14th, 2018.  My lecture will be on “Dyslexia and Autism: Neuroanatomical Findings Pointing Towards a Spectrum of Cognitive Abilities”.  The readers of this blog are already aware of my thoughts on this subject.  For those interested in reading additional information, see the following references that have appeared in cortical chauvinism:

Dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism

Autism: What we have learned from the dyslexia movement

Autism and dyslexia: cognitive profiles at the tail-ends of the same spectrum

Infograph on autism and dyslexia

The attached link provides a schedule of the conference:


I would enjoy meeting any of my blog followers who happen to be attending the meeting.





5 responses to “British Dyslexia Association’s International Conference

  1. Dear Manuel, if it isn’t too dumb or unworthy a question, may I ask what you would consider a correct definition of dyslexia. The impression I am getting is that it is rather more of a muddled mixed bag than the autistic syndrome, and somewhat heading in the direction of “fatigue”.

    Autism has (or had) a whole collection of peculiar features to characterise it, such as spinning, arranging in rows, echolalia, pronoun reversal, etc. “Fatigue” at the opposite extreme can be caused by any number of disparate things, just as a plane won’t fly if (a) it has no left wing, (b) has no engines, (c) has no pilot, (d) has no fuel,…..

    Meanwhle “dyslexia” is liable to be definitionally just deficiency in reading/writing, which again could be a bit like the non-flying plane, and thus a right mix-up. .


    • You are correct in your assessment. This is problem when you try to diagnose anything based on behavioral findings. Symptoms vary in onset, severity and even type across individuals making out of it an amalgam.


  2. Dear Manual, Thanks for your invitation.
    Mom and I would visit with you all at the 11th British Dyslexia Association’s event, and share our method, however, we are now poor, old and have been disabled for too many years .
    Robin’s “non-flying plane” is a reminder of the analog systems autopilot’s multiple spatiotemporal events anomalies which the USAF educated us on and I’ve researched off and on since 1960-61.
    Such a method applies to the broadest spectrum of nerve net dyscoordinations, for example, dyslexia, etc. and it has been updated as previously stated here.


  3. I am sorry to hear about your health, but had already read your previous comments in that regard. It is a pity that we can’t meet, hopefully it will happen another time. Your ideas have always intrigued me and I would like to meet the person behind them. Best regards.


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