Pioneering autism doctor Hans Asperger sent disabled children to be killed by Nazis, new study claims

More claims are surfacing about the role of Hans Aspeger with the Nazis and the execution of disabled children. Asperger was elevated to sainthood and proclaimed the father of Neurodiversity by Steve Silberman in Neurotribes.  Silberman also defended the role of Asperger once reports about war atrocities started to surface. This tainted history is well-known to our readers. For those interested, two years ago I wrote: The Early Nazi History of Autism.  Additional information can be found by doing a word search in our main WordPress page on Nazis, Asperger, Silberman or Frankl. In addition, the work of Mr. Silberman was meant to diminish the reputation of Leo Kanner who is seen as a villian opposing Asperger in his book Neurotribes. Kanner in every sense of the word was a hero who saved hundreds of individuals during the War by helping them obtain asylum/citizenship within the United States (see Neurotribe or Diatribe written as a blog in Cortical Chauvinism).

A new article has now been published int he journal Molecular Autism by War Historian Herwig Czech. Since the article may be our of reach to the interested layman, an opinion on the same appeared in the Independent (UK) just a few hours ago. The same can be accessed by clicking the ink provided. The opinion piece was provided by Andrew Griffin. In no uncertain terms the article states that, “Documents uncovered by an Austrian medical historian suggest that Prof Asperger ingratiated himself with the Nazi regime to the extent of participating in its murderous euthanasia programme…It claims that Asperger sent profoundly disabled children who were under his care to the Spiegelgrund clinic, where they were killed An estimated 789 children, many with severe mental problems, were systematically killed at the Vienna clinic, mostly by lethal injection and gassing. Others died from disease and starvation, or were subjected to harsh medical experiments.”



10 responses to “Pioneering autism doctor Hans Asperger sent disabled children to be killed by Nazis, new study claims

  1. sort of old news now with john donvan and caren zucker reporting this in “In a different key” two years ago, but revived by molecular autism article.


    • Yes, I published several blogs on the subject till 2 years ago. Still the point may have some relevance because of Silberman/Neurotribes and Neurodiversity. Thanks for your comment Jonathan. Truly enjoyed your standup comedy routine.


  2. A muchas personas les afectó la noticia y ahora tratan de negarla luego de años de haber puesto a Asperger en un pedestal, de la misma manera que a la condición. El tipo conectó con el nazismo y nada qué hacer. La verdadera razón por la cual sale del cie11. Vamos a ver cómo lo toman los fans de la neurodiversidad.


  3. Manuel, can you please delete every single comment I’ve made on this site? Is it possible? If so, please do it even if it means blocking this current account. I want to start fresh under a new name.


    • I am not sure that it can be done, except by going though each one of them. I will ask my wife who knows more about WordPress. Otherwise you can post under a different surname.–I have always valued your comments, have never seen anything wrong in them. I would even urge you to join in and provide a blog of your own.


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