Parenting Handouts

I received the attached communication through LinkedIn.

We share an interest in helping children become all that they are capable of becoming! To that end, please know that you have my permission to reproduce and use ANY of my 105 complimentary TEACHER-COUNSELOR articles, PARENTING handouts, activity, video, and CHILDREN’S activities that may be found at: They are all dedicated to helping children thrive.

Best wishes as you continue your important work as the SMART State Endowed Chair in Childhood Translational Neurotherapeutics at University of South Carolina in the Greenville, South Carolina Area!


Leah, Former Instructor Family and Child Development Dept. M.Ed. in School Counseling Auburn University, United States

p.s. A sample of article titles: “Understanding Autism,” ”Understanding Self-Esteem,” “Helping Children Cope with Disasters,” «Oppositional Defiant Disorder in Children.” “Emotional Abuse of Children,” “Helping Children Cope with Loss,” «Helping Children Cope with Anger,” “Ten Ways to Foster Resiliency in Children,» “Assertiveness Training for Children,” “ Aggressive Girls,” “52 Character Building Thoughts for Children,” «Parent Guide to Coping with Stress,” and “Adult Guide to Increase Self-Worth in Children.”

Before children can learn to regulate their emotions, they must develop the ability to recognize and label them. The KELLY BEAR FEELINGS book helps children learn a vocabulary of 10 emotions, share their feelings with a THERAPIST and/or PARENT, begin to develop empathy, and identify positive ways to deal with their negative emotions. Open communication and bonding are enhanced when a listening adult reads it with a child or children. For sample pages and more information, see: (also available on Amazon) For a Bilingual Spanish/English edition, see:

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