Drug Companies Will Have to Disclose Prices in TV Ads

From Medical News (Physicians First Watch) published May 10, 2019

Direct-to-consumer television ads for prescription drugs covered by Medicare or Medicaid will have to disclose the list price if it’s $35 or more for a month’s supply (or the usual course of treatment), the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said on Wednesday.

HHS noted that the 10 most frequently advertised drugs cost between $480 and $17,000.

The rule is expected to go into effect within 60 days.

Separately, the Trump administration on Thursday said it wants to reduce surprise medical billing. Here are two of the proposals the administration put forth: In emergencies, patients shouldn’t be billed above the amount they’re allowed in-network, even if they receive care outside their network. Patients should also be given information before receiving care about whether the providers are in their insurance network and how much out-of-network care could cost.


HHS news release on finalized rule (Free)

HHS fact sheet on drug pricing transparency (Free)

Final rule (Free PDF)

White House statement on surprise drug billing (Free)

Background: Physician’s First Watch 2018 coverage of proposed rule (Free)

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