Internet Resources and Autism

As we all do our part to engage and educate others about our loved ones, I thought of passing along some additional Autism related resources that may be of help to our readers. They are a great way to increase understanding and acceptance. Please feel free to mention any other helpful resources you may know in the comment section.

Accommodations for Students with Autism
Guide to Better Sleep for Kids with Autism
Autism Resource Center
Creating an Autism Friendly Home
Autism Support Network Resources
Planning a Move with Autism
30 Ways to Celebrate Autism Awareness Month
Autism and Travel

In addition, the Children’s Hospital Family Advisory Council has been working for the past several years to create video resources for families whose child is newly diagnosed with a chronic or life threatening condition.  The videos cover topics such as “How to Build your Medical Team”, “How to Ask Questions.”, and “How to Organize Your Child’s Medical Information.”  These videos are available on the Family Advisory Council’s webpage.  Please follow the copied link to view one of these videos:

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