About the safety of prenatal ultrasound

It was recently brought to my attention that some of the work and opinions that I had previously expressed about prenatal ultrasound were heavily cited in an article on Children’s Health Defense  (August 20, 2019).

“Manuel Casanova (a researcher at the University of South Carolina-Greenville) has coauthored numerous studies describing the autistic brain and delving into ultrasound’s effects on the brain. Espousing a “triple hit” hypothesis of autism that involves (1) external stressors (2) during a critical period of brain development in fetuses with (3) underlying vulnerabilities, Casanova suggests that prenatal ultrasound may be a key stressor. According to Casanova, ultrasound preferentially affects cells with a “proclivity for being deformed,” activating mechanisms having to do with cell growth and cell division and causing certain cells “to divide at a time when they should not divide.” “Ill-timed activation or over-activation” of certain pathways via ultrasound can also lead to unwanted cell proliferation or maldistribution of neurons. Other researchers have confirmed the ultrasound-autism relationship within the “triple hit” context.”

“Casanova frankly states that “[u]ltrasounds are being done without regards to the safety of the patients.” He points out that a third of all ultrasound practitioners fail to adhere to safety regulations and notes that at least 40% of ultrasound equipment is defective. In addition, he observes that many practitioners “don’t see anything wrong” with using ultrasound during the first trimester, even though safety regulations discourage first-trimester use in uneventful pregnancies.”


Casanova MF. Autism Updated: Symptoms, Treatments and Controversies. Amazon Digital Publishing, 2019.

Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 10.16.25 AM


One response to “About the safety of prenatal ultrasound

  1. This post bring to the front of the discussion on autism possible causes for me the most ignored cause, high frequency ultrasound waves exposure during pregnancy. From implantation to delivery our embryos , fetuses and baby’s are exposed to levels of energy irradiation not design for our proteins and cellular structures.The thermals and mechanical effects are dangerous to both structure.Let me add that is incredible that the “meat industries” is using low ultrasound frequencies to avoid damages to the structure of their meat proteins.Even the FDA described it risky nature but take no action just ALARA.
    Thanks for sharing your observation on the possible effects of ultrasound in autism.

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