12 Children with Autism Were Conceived from One Donor’s Sperm. Is There an ‘Autism Gene’?

The following is the introduction to an article written by Rachel Rettner for the journal Live Science (9/16/19). Those wishing to read the full article can click on the link provided.

A single sperm donor is the biological father of at least 12 children who all developed autism — an extraordinary case that prompted one woman to sue her sperm bank, according to news reports.

The case came to light when the woman, Danielle Rizzo of Illinois, was researching treatments for her two sons, who both have autism, according to The Washington Post. Both sons were conceived with sperm from the same donor, and Rizzo was shocked to discover that other mothers who used the same donor also had sons with autism, the Post reported.

Rizzo was told that the likelihood of all these related children having autism by chance was like all the mothers «opening up a dictionary and pointing to the same letter of the same word on the same page at the same time,» she told the Post.

That means a mutation in the donor’s sperm was likely responsible. But is there a single «autism gene?»

3 Respuestas a “12 Children with Autism Were Conceived from One Donor’s Sperm. Is There an ‘Autism Gene’?

  1. Very interesting way to make people believe that autism is related to a single gene. That only mean that human been is unable to eliminate poison from the body like other human been can do. And all the descendant from him will have that handicap. But you can’t identify one specific gene that prove that. Will be nice if one of those kid been born from a family in Ohio that did not get contaminated with a strong vaccination program to prove that this is the real cause of the problem. Will be nice to make and study from that individual crossing with one of those Amish and see if the kid became Autistic. Then we can talk.

    Me gusta

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