International Consortium of Autism Institutes

As President of the international Consortium of Autism Institutes (ICAI) I had the opportunity to open the VIII International Forum on Autism celebrated in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.  The theme this year was, “Person, Family and Society”. The meeting has helped sponsor collaborative research between some of the participating countries.  As part of ICAI we were able to provide donated neuromodulatory equipment and train some of the local professionals.  I was honored to open the meeting.  It is always a pleasure to see how the autism related initiatives have grown over the last few years.  I have attached a few photographs. For those interested, the present temperature is -20 degrees.


Yours truly talking.


I am also including a photograph of a small get together in Beijing China, last month.  The same was organized by one of ICAI’s co-founders, Xiaoli Li.  The meeting examined creativity, emphasizing the arts, in autistic individuals. It was wonderful to examine the artwork of so many talented autistic children and be able to interact with them.

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