Margaret Creedon

I just received a «like» on a blog that was published quite a few years ago.  At the end of the blog I had inserted the picture shown below:


The picture shares my memory of a lunch or dinner get together with dear friends. From left to right: Temple Grandin, Margaret Creedon, Steve Edelson, Manuel Casanova, and Emily Casanova.  My friend Margaret departed a few years back.  Looking back at the photograph made me quite sad -I am not ashamed to say that I started bawling like a baby.  It is hard to miss somebody deeply and acknowledge that there is a void in your life.  It is hard having to grapple with the idea that you won’t be seeing a dear friend again.  And, it is hard having the unrequited wish for a second chance to make new memories.

Margaret had a full life, one she lived for the benefit of others, especially autistic children. She fought for the rights of sexually abused children, even when others left her to carry the fight completely alone.

I am leaving for Abu Dhabi tomorrow.  It will be a physically exhausting flight with several presentations over the span of one week.  It would have been easier for me to stay at home and enjoy the Holiday Season with my family.  I am confident, however, that I will carry Margaret’s spirit with me.  I am confident that her strength of character will  inspire me to keep trying to help others, especially our children.  Your friendship blessed my life, Margaret. I hope that God is blessing this chapter of your new life.  Until we meet again, my dear friend.

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