The best diet plan for autistic people (and for everyone else)

by Yuval Levental

Introduction: I am a person on the autism spectrum who critically analyzes autism advocacy. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University and a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from ESIEE Paris. Other hobbies of mine include recreationally solving complex math puzzles, traveling, eating new foods, and learning about different cultures.

The results of this diet plan will vary from person to person, but the benefits are very worthwhile.

In my last review article back in January 2020, I predicted that someday, everyone would be eating sourdough bread and would be more mentally alert as a result. I realized that this form of bread, while taking much longer to produce, was far more nutritious than regular bread ( By pure coincidence, the COVID pandemic started in the coming months, and while this pandemic is very tragic, far more people are now eating sourdough compared to before (

During quarantine, I started experimenting with more kinds of alternative food processing methods, and obtained some interesting results. The three main methods I use for more nutritious food are sprouting, fermentation, and parboiling.

Sprouting applies to grains, beans, and nuts, which involves soaking them in water to convert some of their starch content into digestible nutrients. This process usually takes a few days. The additional nutrients include folate, iron, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, and protein. Sprouted grains also may have less starch and be easier to digest than regular grains ( I have used sprouting with corn, rice, wheat, peanuts, beans, and many other similar items. I did discuss sprouting in an earlier article (

Fermentation applies to wheat, dairy products, vegetables, and other items. Sourdough results from fermented wheat dough. I have fermented dough in the refrigerator overnight, and it is very tasty as a result. Fermentation also breaks down lactose in dairy products, making them more digestible. Many fermented dairy products are widely available. To ferment vegetables, saltwater must be added. The resulting veggies like pickles are salty, but the flavor is very tangy.

Parboiling applies to potatoes, rice, and beans. These items should be boiled the day before cooking, and then cooled overnight in the refrigerator. This process increases the amount of resistant starch, which is very similar to fiber. When I parboiled potatoes once and cooled them overnight, I noticed that they turned golden brown the next day and had a far less starchy taste, which I really enjoyed. The name of the chemical process is called retrogradation ( and

One aspect of autism for many individuals are addictive tendencies, which could possibly be curtailed by changing one’s diet. Research shows that high-density carbohydrate foods could cause dopamine levels in the brain to increase, creating dependency ( The techniques mentioned above break down carbs and sugars.

Finally, I recommend simultaneously using these techniques when possible. Here are some examples I have created:

20200716_124747Enchiladas with sprouted corn tortillas, tomato sauce, spices, and Mexican cheese.


Challah made with sprouted white whole wheat flour, also fermented overnight in the refrigerator.


Golden-brown fries, parboiled and cooled the night before.

Addendum (09/03/2020): I still enjoy eating sprouted corn flour, but I have found that masa flour works better for tortillas and tortilla chips, as the shape holds better without falling apart.  Masa flour is made from corn seeds using a chemical process that was developed in ancient Mesoamerica.  The nutritional quality is also higher compared to regular tortillas (
Addendum (11/02/2020): I have been following this diet since the beginning of July.  Recently, I had a blood test.  My triglyceride levels are now around 200 mg/dL, the lowest that they have been in years.  Not only that, I don’t feel hungry on a regular basis.  I think that this diet will truly be known as a revolutionary discovery.
Screenshot at 2020-11-02 15-34-23

Addendum (02/03/2020): Now, when I parboil rice and refrigerate the rice overnight, I soak the grains in water.  This helps the rice absorb water more efficiently.  Then, I fry the rice in a couple tablespoons of oil.

When making sourdough bread, I now ferment for five-seven days in the refrigerator.  This is safe because the probiotics from the sourdough keep the dough fresh (

Finally, I have also started marinating most meats that I eat.  They are far easier to digest compared to most store-bought meat, as the marinade improves tenderness

4 responses to “The best diet plan for autistic people (and for everyone else)

  1. Dear Dr Casanova, We assume that increasing Gamma during neurofeedback improves the number of GABA receptors. Our question is that the improvements in the number of GABA receptors are dynamic or static? Once it is improved, is it reluctant to return back or stay the same after neurofeedback? This might sound a very engineering type of a question, but we need to know your insight. It will help a lot. Best regards, Gunet Eroglu


    • Interesting question. I think the necessary experiments have not been made. GABA can be measured in blood, but not sure if it reflects CNS concentrations. Otherwise, I have found that it is often necessary to add booster session to any ongoing neurofeedback treatment. However, benefits are attained each time faster after each booster session. Thank you for the comment.


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