Autism Controversies with Manuel Casanova

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I recently participated in the podcast Autism Confidential. The same was hosted by my good friend Jill Echer who is the president of the National Council for Severe Autism. Jill selected the title of the podcast and questioned me about a good number of controversies in the field of autism, but primarily about the Neurodiversity movement. Hopefully the listeners found the same informative. A third podcast will be on neuromodulation therapy (primarily TMS) and autism. The third podcast will probably be made available next week. A link to the Autism Controversies podcast is as follows:

Let me know if you have any questions.

2 responses to “Autism Controversies with Manuel Casanova

  1. Dr. Casanova, I believe you published research on diminished nerve fibers in the cerebral cortex of autistic people. This could be a common end-point of many genetic and environmental causes of autism.
    Please lookup: (1) papers by Kulesza RJ et al. and Lukose R et al. on malformation of brainstem sties in the auditory pathway. Also (2) read the paper by SS Kety (1962) who found highest blood flow in the brain is in the brainstem auditory pathway, Also (3) see the paper I wrote long ago: Simon N. Echolalic speech in childhood autism. Consideration of possible underlying loci of brain damage. Arch Gen Psychiatry. 1975 Nov;32(11):1439-46. High blood flow in brainstem auditory pathway sites makes them vulnerable to many different causes of injury. See also my website


  2. Although I retired from academics some 3 years ago, I am still fond of reading the ongoing research in the field of autism. Thank you for the information, Eileen. Best regards


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